Todd Ginter wrote a great article on The Value of Giving Back in the November issue of Portable Sanitation Association’s Newsletter. Giving back is something we are so passionate about here at Portable Services. 

By Todd Ginter, PSAI Marketing Manager

For starters, at the beginning of this last school year, Portable Services provided money to local teachers for supplies in their classrooms. The funds were distributed a couple of weeks into the school year so exact needs could be identified. Then there was the time they bought a red golf cart at an American Builders Association event and then donated the cart to the American Heart Association to auction off during their fundraiser since it was red and it seemed like a perfect fit.

Portable Services also supports the local Pregnancy Choices office at their gala, the local Alzheimer’s Group, Safe Homes of Augusta and also local high schools and hospitals. Oh, and they also donated portable units to the local Habitat for Humanity chapter and next up on the list is working with Wreaths Across America. As if that weren’t enough, Jan’s company also supports initiatives that go beyond their local area, including those that affect clean water and sanitation. In October of 2019, Portable Services was a sponsor at the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Walk for Water. This event supports the Water Mission, a non-profit organization that designs, builds and implements safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions where they are most needed.

As a business owner reading this article you may ask yourself what the benefit is to giving back to your community. Jan believes that the more you give back the more you get in return. “We were blessed to get this company and it provides us the opportunity to give back. I was always told while being raised that I should give back so I guess it was hard-wired into my brain,” says Jan. Besides giving in to her natural instinct to want to better her community by giving back, Jan acknowledges that it can provide valuable promotion for her business as well as increase a positive culture for her employees who see the value of giving back. Recently, office employees took it upon themselves to collect coats to give away to those in need during the colder months, thus continuing the culture of giving that Portable Services has created.

If you need additional help understanding the value of giving back to the community through your business, here are some positive reasons that business owners have cited as the reason they are actively involved in local matters.

It Builds Trust

Trust in your business is crucial for maintaining and growing your customer base. When community members see your business name and even the heads of your business at community events, you are showing that your business is part of a local family that can be trusted and relied on.

You Broaden the Reach of Your Business

Without community involvement in some form, the only other way you can reach the public is with advertising. The difference is, when you give back to the community you have the power to message the public with a different side of your business. This can be with employee volunteer opportunities, the owner or CEO being the face of an event or through a dedicated sponsor message you do not get with standard advertising.

It Raises Brand Awareness

How many of your potential customers know all of the services you provide? The more you integrate your company into the local community, the more you will easily be able to define what you do and what you have available to the public.

It Enhances Business Practices

Once you begin working with other community members and businesses, you will soon find you are in a special tribe of people who understand the value of giving. Some of that giving may be to you. Teaming up with other businesses to learn how they run their day-to-day business or how they work with their employees may prove to be a valuable benefit for you.

We want to hear from you! If your business has been involved in giving back to your community, let us know so we can showcase your business in a future PSAI newsletter. Contact Todd Ginter at -TG