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Jan and Jeff Bentley took over ownership of Portable Services, Inc. in 2012. The business was founded in 1989 by Fred Stitt who started renting portable restrooms out of his home. When he retired he sold the company to the Bentleys. Three years later, a thriving Portable Services needed to expand, and in 2015 the Bentleys purchased the current property from Golden Harvest Food Bank. In 2018, seeing an opportunity for growth, the company entered the roll-off dumpster business, continuing to offer portable restroom rentals as well.

Today, Portable Services is divided into two divisions: roll-off dumpsters and portable restrooms. Within the portable restrooms division, there are several options. The first is a typical portable restroom. Customers may rent from two inventories: special events and construction sites. Though the interior of all their rentals are kept clean by trained and certified technicians and serviced weekly, those housed at construction sites cannot help but suffer some external wear and tear. The second type of portable restrooms offered are the restroom trailers. These are larger and are used often for backyard weddings, concerts, reunions, and corporate events.

Most exciting for the company now is their recent branch into the roll-off dumpster division. With a woman-owned business in a male-dominant field, Portable Services is proud to be at the forefront. The business is supported by about 22 employees, several of whom have been with the company since before the Bentleys took ownership. They are a close, hard working team who come together and care for one another. In all areas, their work is determined by an attention to safety, efficiency, and customer service.

Since its inception in 1989, Portable Services continues to grow and be a professional, dependable portable restrooms and roll-off company with a deep heart for the people they serve.

About Jan and Jeff Bentley

Portable Services, Inc. owners Jan and Jeff Bentley will be the first to tell you that their business is not a glamorous one. However, for this wife and husband duo, it is not so much about what they do as why and how they do it.

Jan Bentley began working for the company in 2007 under the previous owner, Fred Stitt. Then in 2012, almost as soon as Jeff retired from a 32 year career in law enforcement, Stitt offered to sell the company to the Bentleys. The couple purchased Portable Services, and with prayer, help from former coworkers now employees, and support from Stitt, they tackled the challenge. Jan ran the business side of things, and Jeff took over the operations. Coming in with no experience, Jeff spent five months working the route, learning everything he could from the bottom up.

Looking forward to the present day, Portable Services has expanded to a larger property, further solidified their place in the portable restrooms market, and added roll-off dumpsters to the business. If you ask the couple for the source of their success, they will point to God, family, and their employees. For the Bentleys, their employees are the measuring stick of their achievements. Six months after Jan and Jeff took over ownership, a longtime employee and friend rolled into work with a new truck. Seeing his success made them give a sigh of relief and think, we’ve made it. The Bentleys’ interest extends to their employees’ families as well. For Jan, the most humbling thing is pulling into the driveway at Portable Services and seeing all the cars, knowing that each car represents a family: a family that the Bentleys strive to support by offering IRA plans, working with employees to understand and manage their finances, in turn some have bought homes or auto’s with better interest rates. They also contribute to their IRA and are no longer worried about living paycheck to paycheck. Consequently, there is very little turn over and almost every new hire is by word of mouth.

In addition to their employees, the Bentleys find fulfillment in their customers. The cleanliness and orderliness of an event leaves an impression on the attendees. Whether it’s at a party, a construction site, or a concert, Jan and Jeff want people to leave the event with a positive feeling and experience. By providing excellent facilities and customer service, at events like Pace Run, Habitat for Humanity, and the Aiken and Augusta Home Builders Association, Portable Services help their customers promote themselves. Investing in the community and watching customers do well brings satisfaction to the Bentleys.

Jan and Jeff Bentley continue to grow their company and expand into the roll-off dumpster market, but what remains at the core of all their work is people.

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