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handwashing stations

Handwash and Handi-Stands

Handwash and hand sanitizer stations are important features on construction job sites as they provide workers with easy access to hand hygiene facilities. Handwash stations consist of a sink with running water, soap, and paper towels, while hand sanitizer stations provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers. These stations are crucial for maintaining good hygiene practices on job sites, helping to prevent the spread of illness and infections among workers. Construction job sites can be dirty and dusty environments, and workers come into contact with a variety of materials that may contain harmful bacteria and germs. Providing access to handwash and hand sanitizer stations helps to ensure that workers can maintain clean hands, reducing the risk of infection and promoting a safer work environment.

holding tanks

Holding Tanks & Water Tanks

Holding tanks and water tanks are two essential types of tanks used on construction sites. Holding tanks are used to store wastewater and sewage generated by portable toilets, whereas water tanks are used to store portable water. These tanks are vital for construction sites as they help provide essential services to on-site workers. Holding tanks ensure that portable toilets can be used safely and hygienically, preventing any contamination of the environment. Both types of tanks are critical for maintaining a safe and functional work environment on construction sites, ensuring workers have access to the basic necessities needed to get the job done.

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