The US accounts for only 4% of the global population but generates 12% of its waste. Each resident produces an average of 800kg per year.

Trying to get rid of all that isn’t always as simple as bringing your garbage can out to the street. There are times when you need a receptacle that can handle large amounts of all kinds of trash.

Read on to learn six situations when you should consider dumpster rental.

1. Moving

Over 40 million Americans move every year. It comes with a massive to-do list, and renting a dumpster needs to be on it.

It makes showing your home to potential buyers easier. You can put excess items in the dumpster, then focus on making your home as clean and attractive as possible.

Moving out often makes you realize how much clutter you have. It can even be difficult to know what’s trash and what you want to keep at a glance.

Renting a dumpster for move-in day makes the decluttering process easier because you can dump the trash into it instead of trying to keep it in storage or an unmarked bin. This also makes packing and moving faster.

You can also save money. A junk removal service may charge per item, increasing your cost per truckload. A dumpster rental service gives you a quote based on the size of the dumpster and how long you need it. You can choose one that fits your budget instead of having to pay for multiple loads, You’ll know what you’ll pay ahead of time so you can work it into your budget.

33% of movers found it had a major impact on their mental health than childbirth, marriage, job interviews, and driving tests. Renting a dumpster reduces this stress by keeping everything organized and on track.

2. Spring Cleaning

“Spring cleaning” is a timeless idea that’s been growing in popularity in the past few years. 75% of Americans plan to do it at least once a year. 45% want to clean and organize more in general.

A few of the most popular ways to do this are:

  • Washing windows
  • Cleaning under furniture
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Washing bedclothes and linens
  • Scrubbing the floors

Making your home sparkle during spring cleaning is great, but it’s also the perfect time to declutter. It’s hard to reach any dirt with your vacuum or duster if it’s blocked by unneeded items.

That’s why you should consider renting a dumpster as a part of your spring cleaning plan. You’ll have an easy place to put unwanted items without overloading or putting incompatible items in a regular trash bin. You can even hire the same dumpster rental company every year when your spring cleaning season begins.

3. Home Renovations

If there were ever any situation that generated as much trash as moving to a new home, it would be renovating the one you already have.

The average American does a renovation every three to five years. 61% of those who’ve lived in the same home for at least six years would rather fix it up than find a new one.

A dumpster rental makes the process much easier, whether you’re revamping a room or redoing your entire home. It allows you to remove old materials that would otherwise get in the way.

There are also certain types of junk generated during a home renovation that can’t go into a regular garbage can such as concrete and bricks. Check the website for your city and the dumpster rental company you want to use to make sure they can help remove all the necessary materials. 

4. Neighborhood or Family Events

Have you found yourself in charge of an event? Are you the one organizing a block party, barbeque, or family reunion?

They tend to generate large crowds and can turn into junk piles if they’re not properly managed. Think of all the waste left over. You can have piles of:

  • Decorations
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Food and beverages
  • Silverware

Renting a dumpster ahead of time speeds up the cleanup. They can sit outside of the event so that guests can throw away their trash as needed. It even helps with the cleanup process if you wait and have it come after the event ends.

5. Pregnancy

Children are known for being messy, and it starts before they’re even born.

New parents tend to focus on what they need to get for their children, such as cribs and baby monitors. What they may forget is how much they need to get rid of.

Baby-proofing requires more than locks and stair guards. It means removing sharp objects. You may also need to clear out a room to make space for a nursery. Decluttering in general is important when preparing for a baby.

All of this work generates a lot of waste materials. Dumpster rental is one of the easiest ways to do it. It’s also one of the cheapest, and expecting parents need to save as much money as possible.

6. Severe Storms or Weather 

Certain types of weather fall under the umbrella term “severe storms.” They include:

  • High winds
  • Thunderstorms
  • Hail
  • Tornadoes

These dangerous storms destroy homes and leave swirling, dangerous debris in their place. They cause at least $10 billion in insured damage every year. 

Hiring a professional dumpster rental service is the best way to clear out what’s been left behind quickly and safely. It prevents further damage to your home and lets you start repairs as soon as possible.

Where to Get Dumpster Rental

Major life events, such as moving or having a baby, let you realize how much clutter you have. Severe storms leave debris in their wake. Leftover material from a home renovation may not be accepted by traditional garbage services. Events such as reunions or block parties produce piles of trash. Trying to tackle it during spring cleaning is overwhelming.

Dumpster rental makes handling all of these issues quick and easy. The receptacle will be the right size and delivered on time to get your life back in order.

Get a quote for dumpster rental services today.