In the United States, OSHA requirements state employers must provide toilet facilities on all construction sites. The number of toilets depends on the number of on-site workers.

Construction sites can be dirty and dangerous, and workers need access to a safe and sanitary bathroom. For this reason, you should look into restroom trailer rental services.

However, it’s not as simple as hiring a porta potty. There are certain things you should do and some you should avoid.

Keep reading to get yourself up to speed on portable toilet rental do’s and don’ts so you remain compliant with OSHA sanitary requirements.

The Do’s of Restroom Trailer Rental for Construction Sites

Now that you know your restroom trailer rental obligations as a construction site employer, let’s dive into what you need to do when renting construction site toilets. Here are some porta john rental do’s:

Consider What You Require

Before you continue with portable toilet rental, it’s recommended first to consider what type of toilets you require. For instance, if you have a small construction site, you may only need one or two single porta johns.

However, if your construction site is much larger and requires a heavier workload, renting a trailer with several toilets and washbasins might be more helpful to your workers. This allows them to clean themselves up when they break for lunch and once their workday is done and they’re going home.

Rent Enough Portable Toilets

As mentioned before, as a construction site employer, you’re required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to provide an adequate number of accessible toilets to the number of on-site workers. Furthermore, you must provide two gender-specific restrooms if you have male and female workers. However, if you rent single toilets, they don’t need to be gender-specific.

If you have under 15 employees, you only need a minimum of one toilet room. If you have up to 35 employees, you need at least two. If you have over 100 employees, you need a minimum of five toilets.

Consider Their On-Site Placement

Once you’ve hired construction site toilets, you should consider their location. You don’t want to require your workers to walk a far distance to access their restroom, so place them in a convenient location. If you make the toilets accessible and easier to reach, you’ll reduce the time your workers spend on their ablutions.

Keep Them Clean

Finally, OSHA requirements state that toilets need to be adequately maintained. This means you must ensure they are clean to provide workers with a sanitary place to relieve themselves.

The ANSI standard set for construction sites with up to 10 workers is toilets need to be cleaned at least once a week. The more workers you have, the more often the restrooms need to be cleaned. For instance, 20 workers will need the toilets cleaned at least twice weekly to remain sanitary.

The Don’ts of Restroom Trailer Rental for Construction Sites

Now that you know what you should do when hiring restroom trailer rental services, you want to avoid some common mistakes. Here are some of the top ones.

Not Double Checking Your Order

Even before the construction site toilets arrive, one of the first porta potty rental mistakes you can make is not double-checking your order. Double-checking your portable toilet rental order is essential because it can help you avoid costly mistakes. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip this step:

  • You can confirm you’re getting the correct number of toilets
  • You can ensure you’re getting the right type of toilets for your needs
  • You can verify the delivery location
  • You can verify the arrival time

By double-checking your order, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure your workers have the facilities to stay refreshed and productive. This is important for employee comfort.

Focusing on Price

Focusing on price is another common mistake regarding restroom trailer rental. While hiring the cheapest services to save your company money might be tempting, you risk hiring a company with sub-par facilities. 

Instead, spend time researching the best companies in your area so you find the best porta john rental services. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t make price the main priority:

  • Cheap porta johns are often poorly made
  • They may not be as clean or sanitary
  • They may lack the needed features or amenities (i.e., hand sanitizer or toilet paper)
  • They may not be delivered or picked up on time
  • The company may not be reliable or have a good reputation

Delaying Hiring Restroom Trailer Rental Services

You also want to avoid waiting too long to hire restroom trailer rental services. If you leave porta john rental until the last minute, you risk not getting what you require because they may have already been hired out to another company that got there first. This could lead to you settling for a less desirable option or even going without restroom facilities altogether.

Instead, planning and hiring restroom trailers well before your event or construction project is best. This will ensure that you get the correct number of trailers and they are delivered on time.

Not Stocking The Restrooms

Our final mistake to avoid is not stocking the portable restrooms with enough supplies, such as hand sanitizers, air fresheners, or toilet paper. If the restroom trailer rental services don’t include these items, your company must purchase and provide them. This way, your workers are not left compromised when they relieve themselves.

Hire The Best Construction Site Toilets

Hiring a restroom trailer rental service is necessary to provide your workers with a sanitary place to use the toilet. However, it is essential to research and avoid common mistakes such as not double-checking your order, focusing on price, delaying hiring services, and not stocking the restrooms. You also want to ensure you hire the correct number of portable toilets, clean them regularly, and place them in convenient locations.

At Portable Services, Inc., we have your best interests in mind. Contact us today for a quote for our construction site and portable restroom rental services.