If you’re throwing an outdoor event, it’s important to give your guests the basic comforts of life.

Outdoor events come with a unique set of challenges that you’ll have to face head-on as an organizer. Some of them include food and drink, shelter, and yes, restrooms. Porta potty rental is one of those things that event organizers tend to forget or leave until the last minute to book.

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss the importance of porta potty rental and tell you how a porta potty trailer can revolutionize your next big outdoor event.

Everyone loves a good outdoor party, but there are some things that make being indoors much easier, one being nice bathrooms. Fortunately, there are wonderful solutions on offer, so keep reading and learn why and how to book a luxury restroom for your event.

Convenience for Your Crowd

If you’re throwing an outdoor event where normal bathrooms aren’t available to your guests, you need to give them porta potties. At the end of the day, your reputation as an event organizer is on the line if you fail to perform this basic function.

It’s all about providing a level of convenience to your event attendees. The more porta potties you rent for the event, the shorter the lines for the bathroom will be and the more convenient things are for your guests. 

You can take it to a completely new level by giving your guests something they might not expect – a luxury restroom. Our restroom trailers are essentially normal bathrooms at events where you wouldn’t expect to find normal bathrooms.

They’re the premium, upscale option for portable bathrooms. Amenities include things like air conditioning and heating, hot water, nice fixtures, and even speakers. If you truly value your guests and there’s room in the budget, choosing a luxury restroom trailer rental is the best move.

Offering Clean Bathroom Solutions

We’ve all been to outdoor events where you have a single or a few porta potties for the entire crowd. Of course, this leads to long lines, but it also leads to unsanitary conditions for your guests.

The more people are forced to use the toilets, the more full they become. Unless you’re having them constantly cleaned throughout the event, you could end up with an actual hazard.

When you work with a great porta potty rental service, you’re going to get clean bathroom solutions. They’ll help you decide how many restroom trailer rental units you should order based on the number of guests you have. They’ll also help you decide whether or not cleaning during the event will be necessary.

Having a resource to help you make these big decisions takes this important thing off of your plate. You’ll have clean bathroom solutions for your guests without having to think too much about it or worry about any major issues while your event is happening.


A porta potty trailer might seem like a bigger expense than standard porta potties. There are a few reasons why they can be more cost-effective.

Firstly, all of our portable restroom trailers have flushable bathrooms. Having toilets that flush negates the need for extra cleaning services. All you’ll need to pay for is the rental and the drop-off/pick-up services.

It’s also worth noting that we have a wide variety of luxury washrooms to choose from. Depending on the size of your party, you may only need to rent a single trailer to cover your guests’ washroom needs.

The largest unit we have contains 10 separate stalls to accommodate large outdoor parties and festivals. That said, most event organizers find our 4 and 6-stall units suitable for events with up to 500 attendees.

Many Bathroom Options

While we’re on the subject of the variety of portable restroom trailers for rent, let’s tell you more about our different options. First, we do offer traditional porta potty rental units, complete with ventilation, blue chemicals, and toilet paper.

It’s important to consider accessibility at your event, so we also have ADA-compliant porta potty units that have handrails and a roomier interior. You can also add hand sanitizer dispensers and/or a handwashing station to your standard porta potty option.

When you really want to make an impression on your guests, however, you must go with a restroom trailer. As mentioned, we have a number of restroom trailer options available.

Smallest Trailers

The smallest option is the 2-stall spa trailer, which has sinks, a foot pedal flushing mechanism, and a waterless urinal. Our 3-stall trailers have three separate entrances, each with their own sink and one stall that also contains a urinal.

A 4-stall unit can accommodate up to 350 guests, while the 6 and 8-stall units accommodate around 500 guests. These also have separate entrances for men’s and women’s washrooms, climate control, and running water.

For Extra Privacy

For even more privacy, you can opt for our 8-stall JAG trailer. These contain 8 individual stalls with interior and exterior lights, sinks, and climate control. This, as well as the 10-stall option, are usually geared toward work sites, but they can be of use at an outdoor event as well.

You should never leave any attendees out when considering your washroom options. If you’re looking at luxury porta potties, you should think about the 2-stall + ADA trailer. This unit has a ramp to make entering the unit simple, a long handrail for stability, and an entertainment system.

Rent the Best Porta Potty Trailer for Your Event

To answer the question posed at the top of the article, yes, you should get porta potty rental for your event. You’ll provide your guests with comfortable places to relieve themselves and take a lot of stress out of your job as an event organizer.

To get the best porta potty rental for your next outdoor event, don’t hesitate to contact us at Portable Services Inc. We’ve been serving the regions of Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC, and their washroom needs since 1989. Let one of our helpful reps guide you in deciding what type of porta potty trailer is right for you.