Research shows that 164.2 million Americans participated in outdoor events in 2021. This accounts for 54% of Americans who enjoyed events planned at outdoor sites.

If you are planning an outdoor event, you need a Porta John Rental. This is very important since you most likely need porta-potty options for your guests. 

Outdoor events usually last several hours, and bathrooms may not be nearby. Because of this, you need a dependable place where you can get a restroom trailer rental.

Keep reading to find out why you should choose Porta John Rental.

1. Look at What’s Offered

If you are looking into Porta John Rental services, you need to see what is available. There are different types of porta-potties with different features.

As an event coordinator, you need to make sure you pick the right option. Some companies do not provide porta potties to events or other outdoor functions.

The good news is that Porta John Rental provides Porta potties for a variety of events. These fall under its special event rental options.

Aside from events, Porta John Rental also provides porta potties for construction sites as well as a dumpster rental option.

2. Consider the Sizes

The next thing you need to do is consider the available sizes. Portable toilet options vary and every company provides different sizes.

It is easy to forget about this, but you do need to know the size. You want to make sure these porta potties are going to be comfortable for all of your guests to use.

A standard Porta John Rental is 89.25 inches high. The depth is 47 inches and the width is 43 inches.

It also offers a variety of other portable toilet rental options. These are usually only separated by a few inches in size.

A child-sized porta potty is also available for events. This is 77 inches tall, 50 inches long, and 44 inches wide.

Although kid-sized porta potties are not necessary, it is a great touch to any event. This gives children a safe place to use the restroom, leaving the adult porta-potties available.

It is a good idea to visit the site where the event will be held. Measure out how large the porta potty is to gain perspective about how it will fit the site.

Keep in mind that you will most likely need to rent a few porta-potties. Because of this, you will need to have more space available to fit all of these facilities.

3. Bathroom Trailer Rentals

Depending on the event, you may need something bigger than a porta-potty. If that is the case, you may need a restroom trailer rental instead.

The good news is that Porta John Rental provides restroom trailers as well. These are luxury restroom trailer units that provide things like air conditioning and heating.

They have professional finishes with light fixtures and hot running water. These are the perfect options if the event is more upscale and luxurious.

These trailer units are comfortable and provide a classier experience. They are often used at business events or weddings for a more professional touch.

A standard three-stall luxury trailer is 11.3 high, 14 in length and 8.5 in width. This creates a very comfortable restroom option that fits multiple people at once.

Keep in mind that these will require a much bigger area at the site.

4. Look Into Rental Features

When you are making your decision, you also need to consider the rental features. Different features are available to make these porta-potties more comfortable.

Some of these portable toilets come with a sanitizer dispenser for hygienic purposes. Others come with a sink and water for handwashing.

There are even portable toilets that have a flushable toilet. ADA toilets are also available that align with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This means that the portable toilet’s large enough to accommodate those with disabilities. It also includes handrails and a lower toilet seat for safety.

If you want other features at your event, you could rent hand-washing or hand sanitizer units. These are great for promoting hygienic habits and keeping everyone clean.

5. On-Site Needs

When planning an event, you also need to consider the on-site needs. Porta John Rental provides special event services that you may require.

This includes an initial on-site walk-around to ensure that the ground is level for the toilets. They will also help you figure out how many toilets you need depending on your crowd.

The service technicians are available at any time if there is an issue. They will be able to service any of the units if they become backed up or aren’t functioning anymore.

Overnight services are also available if necessary. At special events, bathroom attendance can also be available to help people access the portable toilets.

An on-site pump truck is also available to make sure all of the toilets remain operational. This will help to ease your stress and ensure everyone has access to a working toilet.

Porta John Rental: What to Consider About Our Services

If you are hosting an event, you probably need a porta-potty rental option. Porta John Rental provides some of the best services in the Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC, areas.

These services include a variety of porta-potty options and restroom trailer rentals. As well as a variety of extra features from different sizes to hygienic options.

You also have plenty of on-site options like bathroom attendances and toilet technicians if necessary.

Are you interested in renting porta-potties or a restroom trailer for a special event? Contact us today at Porta John Rental to get a quote for your event.