Did you know that an average person spends over two years of their life in the restroom? Yes, you read that right!

From quick pit stops to leisurely breaks, the bathroom plays an essential role in our daily routines. Yet, when it comes to planning events or organizing construction projects, ensuring access to proper restroom facilities can sometimes pose a challenge.

That’s where a porta john rental comes to the rescue!

Porta johns, also known as portable toilets, are a common sight at construction sites, festivals, and other events with no access to regular restrooms. They’re a convenient and affordable way to provide sanitation for large groups of people.

If you’re considering renting a porta john for your site, there are a few things you need to know. Here are frequently asked questions answered about porta john rentals:

What Is a Porta John Rental?

This is a portable toilet that is typically made of plastic or fiberglass. It has a toilet, sink, and hand washing station. They’re often equipped with a ventilation system to help keep them smelling fresh. They also come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be rented for a single day or for an extended period of time.

When Do I Need a Porta Potty Rental?

You need a porta john rental when you need temporary restroom facilities for a large group of people. This may include things like construction sites, festivals, concerts, sporting events, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Renting a Porta John?

Whether you’re hosting a large-scale festival, planning a construction site, or organizing a backyard party, renting a porta john can be a game-changer. Some of the benefits of a portable toilet rental include:

  • They provide convenient restroom facilities for large groups of people
  • They’re an affordable option for providing restroom facilities
  • They can be used for a variety of events, hence versatile
  • They’re clean and sanitary due to regular maintenance by the rental company

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Porta John?

The cost of renting a porta-john varies depending on various factors. In general, you can expect to pay between $50 and $200 per day for a porta john rental. Factors that affect the pricing may include the size of the unit, length of the rental period, and type of event.

How Do I Get a Porta John Delivered and Picked Up?

When you rent a porta john, the rental company will deliver and pick up the unit for you. They will also empty the waste tank as needed. Here are the basic steps involved in getting a porta john delivered and picked up:

  • Step 1: Choose a reliable porta john rental company
  • Step 2: Schedule delivery and pickup
  • Step 3: Inspect the porta john rentals delivered
  • Step 4: Use the porta john in the event, ensuring you keep it clean
  • Step 5: Schedule the pickup

What Are the Different Types of Porta Johns?

There are several different types of porta potties available. Each comes with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the common ones include

  • Standard Porta Johns: These are the most common type of porta potties and are a good option for most events
  • ADA-Compliant Porta Johns: These porta potties are wider and have a lower entryway to make them accessible for people with disabilities
  • Flushable Porta Johns: These use a flush toilet system instead of a chemical toilet system; this makes them more sanitary and environmentally friendly
  • Luxury Porta Johns: These come with luxurious amenities such as air conditioning, running water, and mirrors perfect for high-end events

How Many Porta John Rentals Do I Need?

The number of porta potties you need will depend on the size of your event or project, the length of time it will be in use, and the number of people who will be using it. As a general rule of thumb, you should provide one porta potty for every 50 people.

Where Should I Place the Porta Potties?

Porta johns should be placed in a convenient location for guests to use. Avoid placing them in busy areas where people will be walking by or playing. Privacy is always important.

Also, make sure there is enough space for people to line up to use the porta-potty.

How Do I Maintain Porta Johns During an Event?

Hand sanitizer is a must-have for any porta potty. Be sure to provide hand sanitizer for your guests or workers to use before and after using the restroom. Be sure to stock your restroom trailer rental with toilet paper, hand soap, and air freshener.

Don’t forget to keep checking the porta potties regularly to make sure they are clean and well-stocked.

What Happens to the Waste?

Waste from porta potties is collected by a vacuum truck and taken to a treatment facility. At the treatment facility, the waste is separated into solids and liquids.

The solids are incinerated, while the liquids are treated and discharged into a sewer system. Portable toilets are surprisingly very eco-friendly.

Do I Need a Permit to Rent a Porta John?

The need for a permit to rent a porta-potty depends on the location of the event. In some cities and towns, you may need a permit to place a porta john on public property. In other cities and towns, you may not need a permit. It is always best to check with your local government to find out if a permit is required.

Porta John Rental: Convenient and Affordable Restroom Facility for Your Event

A porta john rental is the best way to provide restroom facilities for your event. They are available in a variety of styles to accommodate any need, and they can be delivered and picked up on your schedule. Porta johns are also regularly cleaned and maintained by the rental company, so you can be sure that they are clean and sanitary.

If you are planning an event, consider renting porta johns to provide your guests with a convenient and comfortable place to go when nature calls. Porta john rentals are a great way to make sure that your event is a success. Get a quote today.