Throwing a music festival this year? Expect large crowds and lots of revenue.

Research shows that more than 32 million Americans go to music festivals every year. The market was worth around $3 billion in 2019.

If you want a lot of people to come to your music festival, though, they’ll need a place to use the bathroom. Fortunately, that’s where restroom trailer rental can help.

Let’s explore why a restroom trailer can be the perfect music festival bathroom.

Quality Festival Experience

A top reason to choose a restroom trailer is that will show your event-goers you’re dedicated to giving them a quality experience.

A restroom trailer will give your guests the amenities they love at home. These include air conditioning during the summer and heat during the winter. They also include flushable toilets, lighting, and running water.

A trailer will additionally give your festival-goers the perfect sanctuary from the elements. Extreme temperatures can make using a traditional porta john uncomfortable, but a climate-controlled restroom trailer can give them a reprieve from the heat or cold.

When guests get tired of being around crowds of people, they can also use your restroom trailer as a retreat space. That’s because they are more spacious than traditional porta johns, which can be hard to maneuver around.

A restroom trailer is more pleasant to use than a standard porta potty, too. Porta potties’ seats can sometimes be uncomfortable. In addition, their open waste tanks may be off-putting to guests.

On the contrary, restroom trailer toilets mirror those in businesses and homes, so your guests may find them more pleasant to use. In addition, quality trailers come with attractive finishes and fixtures you won’t find in a porta john.

Restroom Accessibility

Another reason to choose a restroom trailer is that it will give your festival attendees easy and quick restroom accessibility.

Festival-goers don’t want to wait in long lines to use a porta potty while their favorite artists or bands are performing. They also don’t want to hunt for a bathroom outside of your festival.

A restroom trailer eliminates this problem since they have multiple stalls.

Clean, Fresh Toileting Spaces

A high-quality restroom trailer is generally a cleaner place for festival-goers to use the restroom compared to porta potties.

Porta johns often sit in the sunlight for hours. In addition, porta johns have open waste holes beneath their toilet seats. This can result in an “unclean” feeling” and unsatisfactory odors around and inside the toilets.

However, restroom trailers have ventilation systems featuring exhaust fans. They also have modern plumbing and enclosed waste tanks. This can help eliminate odors and make your festival attendees feel more comfortable.

As we mentioned earlier, restroom trailers have air conditioning, too. The air conditioning will keep the restroom trailers’ air cool. This can reduce bacterial growth.

When you rent a restroom trailer from a reputable company, you can also expect all of the trailer’s surfaces to be simple to sanitize and clean. This will further keep the environment looking and smelling cleaner.

Monetary Savings

Yet another reason to use a restroom trailer is that it might save you money depending on how large your event is.

We mentioned earlier that a restroom trailer has several stalls, anywhere from three to 13. This means you won’t have to purchase three to 12 standalone portable toilets.

This makes restroom trailers more cost-efficient for festival and event planners.

Guests’ Safety and Health

Your restroom trailer may come with a water tank, or you might be able to hook it up to a water source onsite. Either way, guests should have no problem washing and sanitizing their hands after using the restroom. Porta potties often don’t offer this capability.

Enabling your guests to wash their hands can help prevent the spread of skin and eye ailments, as well as respiratory infections. That’s because washing with soap and water removes germs. These germs are easy to transfer from people’s hands to door knobs and other public surfaces.

Hand washing can even decrease people’s chances of experiencing diarrhea.

In addition, restroom trailers are safe, as they can come with sturdy anti-slip ramps or steps. They can also come with safety handrails beside the toilets.

Your guests, especially younger ones, won’t have to worry about falling into open waste tanks, either. This makes a restroom trailer more child-friendly compared with traditional porta potties.


Finally, you can park a restroom trailer in any relatively level spot. As long as a delivery truck can access this spot, you’ll have no problem getting a trailer there.

This makes restroom trailers extremely convenient to set up and use.

What if your ground isn’t perfectly level? Don’t worry. These trailers come with jack stands that make securely leveling them easy.

In addition, if you don’t have electricity near the site, this usually isn’t a problem, either. Many restroom trailers feature generators for powering their lights and air conditioning systems.

Get Help With Restroom Trailer Rental

Restroom trailer rental offers several benefits, including being convenient and potentially more cost-effective than porta potty rental. Restroom trailers can also give your guests a clean, fresh-smelling retreat from the crowds. It can instantly improve your guests’ festival experience.

At Portable Services, Inc. we’re excited to offer luxury restroom trailer rental services. Our trailers come with heating, air conditioning, hot water, and high-end finishes.

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