In 2022, it’s estimated that nearly 170 million people participated in outdoor recreation. For many individuals, this included attending at least one outdoor event. Keeping guests comfortable at outdoor events can sometimes be difficult, though.

It’s essential for event organizers to consider a porta potty rental to accommodate attendees. Not everybody understands the benefits of portable toilets, though.

Listed below are key attributes of porta john rental.

Provide Comfort

Comfort and cleanliness are the primary benefits of renting a portable toilet. Imagine attending an event with thousands of people and no bathroom in sight.

This could substantially detract from your experience. If your guests are uncomfortable, they won’t be able to fully enjoy the occasion.

They might even leave to find a bathroom on their own. In a case like this, many people might find it too inconvenient to return to the event.

This is a situation you want to avoid at all costs, as it could drastically reduce the number of people who stay for its duration. This could have a number of consequences, such as vendors having nobody to sell their products or services to.

Events with a reputation for poor turnouts will be less attractive to guests in the future. This could lead to a situation where you invest tons of money in planning your event only to achieve minimal results.

Maintain Sanitation

Outdoor events are often criticized for their lack of sanitation. This is especially true for events that occur in wooded areas or fields. Quality portable toilets are often equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers.

This will ensure that guests can protect themselves from infections and bacteria. It’s recommended that event planners employ management services to properly maintain the portable toilets. These facilities can quickly become dirty, and you won’t get much out of them if people aren’t willing to use them.

As long as you make an effort to provide sanitization options and maintain the condition of the portable toilets, your guests are much more likely to have an amazing time.

Avoid Legal Issues

Depending on the size and duration of your event, you may be legally obligated to provide safe bathroom space. These laws vary between locations, so it’s essential to research local guidelines.

Otherwise, you might experience fines, fees, and similar penalties. Law enforcement may also ask you to shut down your event if you don’t meet the necessary toilet requirements. Maintaining legal compliance will ensure that nothing disrupts the occasion.

This also helps you avoid bad press. When legal issues arise during events,  local media outlets often cover the situation. A scenario like this could damage your brand or organization’s reputation.


As previously mentioned, attendees will sometimes visit another location to use the bathroom. Even if they choose to return to the event afterward, this process is highly inconvenient.

Using portable toilets also streamlines event planning. If you don’t incorporate them, you would have to ensure that your event takes place near public bathrooms.

Renting portable toilets can also help people avoid getting lost when searching for bathrooms. These units are easily recognizable, and attendees won’t have to ask around, go inside a separate facility, etc. to find a bathroom.

Events without convenient bathroom locations generally attract a smaller number of attendees. Guests could also miss key parts of the event while looking for a bathroom.

Environmental Impact

Portable toilets have a notably small impact on the environment. This goes a long way when it comes to minimizing your event’s carbon footprint.

Using portable toilets can help you advertise your event, as well. You’ll be able to say with confidence that your occasion is eco-friendly, making it much more attractive to attendees.


Portable toilets don’t require installation like a conventional bathroom. They’re easy to relocate and transport, so you have a great amount of flexibility when it comes to how you arrange them.

You even have the opportunity to modify this arrangement if necessary. For example, let’s assume that inclement weather forces eventgoers to wait out the storm under an awning.

Event staff could relocate the portable toilets closer to this location. People then won’t have to put themselves at risk when using the bathroom.

Flexibility also comes into play when it comes to the type of events portable toilets can accommodate. They’re great for music festivals, weddings, and athletic events. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Finding a Provider

When searching for providers, always check their past reputation. Browse through previous feedback and see what people had to say about the company’s professionalism.

Keep an eye out for any problems other people may have had. Consider the type of porta potties they offer, as well.

Most providers allow customers to choose from several options. For example, you can choose a basic single unit, a double unit, or a deluxe unit.

The right choice will depend on your needs for the occasion. Consider their pricing structure before moving forward.

The last thing you want us to encounter financial surprises after assuming you’ve found the right provider. As long as you properly research your options, you shouldn’t encounter issues.

Cost Efficiency

Portable toilets are the most cost-effective option when it comes to providing bathroom facilities to large groups of people. In fact, the only alternative is building a permanent toilet.

This is both expensive and impractical. In many cases, it’s also impossible.

There are different price tiers for portable toilets based on the type of unit you want, so you can mix and match them to accommodate your budget. You can also save money by searching through different providers.

You often get what you pay for, though. Don’t always have to choose the cheapest possible option.

Don’t Overlook Porta John Rental

No outdoor event is complete without porta john rental. This will help ensure attendees stay comfortable and get the most out of the occasion. Just be sure to select the right provider when looking for rental options.

Reach out to a representative at Portable Services today. Our professional team can help you find the best solutions for your needs.