It’s common for people to need to visit the toilet 7 to 10 times a day. However, during public events, this can turn into long lines and insufferable waiting times to go to the toilet.

Imagine this: you’re enjoying an outdoor festival, the sun is shining, the music is electric, and then nature calls. You head over to the portable toilets, only to find a daunting line snaking its way around the corner. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence that destroys the vibes of an event.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case for your outdoor event.

Comfortable and memorable guest experience? No problem. Here are the top secrets to selecting the ideal porta potty rental for your event!

Tailor to Your Guest List: Making Restroom Arrangements Just Right

Tailor your potty needs to your guest list. Begin by estimating the number of guests you expect to attend. For every 50 people, it’s good to have one portable toilet.

The type of event you’re hosting plays a role too. For a small backyard party, one or two standard porta potties might suffice. However, if you’re organizing a bustling outdoor wedding, you’ll likely need more units.

Also, is your event a quick afternoon affair or an extended weekend-long celebration? The duration of your event influences the restroom needs. Shorter events mean fewer units and vice versa.

It’s also wise to consider the nature of your event. A casual outdoor picnic may not need extravagant restroom options. While formal outdoor weddings might benefit from a luxury restroom trailer.

Additional Considerations

The gender ratio is an important factor to keep in mind. Generally, females spend more time in the bathroom than males. Hence, it’s a good idea to have more porta potties for them.

Moreover, if your event involves alcohol, expect increased restroom usage. Plan accordingly to avoid long lines and potential discomfort.

Further, VIPs or performers might need dedicated restroom facilities. The same is true for persons with special needs. Make sure to include ADA-compliant portable toilets for individuals with disabilities.

These portable toilets offer extra space to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility devices. They have features like handrails and lower sinks for easier use.

Location, Location, Location!

Imagine this scene: Your event is in full swing, with music, food, and fun all around. Then, nature calls but the nearest porta potty feels like a hike away.

This isn’t just a minor hassle – it disrupts the entire event vibe. Placing porta potties where they’re easy to reach is a game-changer. It reduces the time guests spend hunting for facilities and lets them enjoy the event to the fullest.

Now, where should you place your portable toilets? Think about where the action is happening – stages, food spots, and seating areas. These are the places where most people gather.

It’s smart to put the portable toilets nearby. That way, guests won’t have to go on a mission to find a restroom. They can pop in and out quickly, without missing out on the event’s excitement.

Further, unevenly placed porta potties can lead to congested lines and unhappy attendees. To sidestep this, spread out the units evenly across the event area.

Choosing Between Basic and Upgraded Porta Potty Rental

When picking the right portable toilets, there’s more than just one type to consider. You’ve got your basic porta potties and your luxury toilets.

Basic portable restrooms are like the workhorses of outdoor events. They provide a private space for people to take care of business, and that’s about it. While they may not be the most glamorous choice, they do get the job done when nature calls.

Now, let’s talk about luxury toilets. These units come with some extra perks that can make a big difference for your event attendees.

One major upgrade you’ll find in luxury toilets is the presence of sinks with running water. No more hand sanitizer or wipes as your only option. Guests can wash their hands properly, helping maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Ever felt the need to check your appearance after using a porta potty? Luxury toilets come equipped with mirrors. This enables your guests to do a quick hair or makeup check before heading back to the festivities.

Moreover, luxury toilets offer a bit more room inside. This is a game-changer for those wearing bulkier outfits or attending events with young children.

Installation and Set-up

You’re all set for your big event, but now you have to figure out how to assemble these portable toilets. This may not be the best scenario, right? That’s why finding a rental provider who handles the setup is a game-changer.

A good porta potty rental company will take care of all the heavy lifting for you. They’ll bring in the units and strategically place them where they’re needed most. This means you can focus on other aspects of your event, knowing that the toilets are in expert hands.


If you’re the one planning the event, keeping your budget in check is a top priority. The cost of renting portable toilets can vary. The fancier the unit and the longer you need it, the higher the price.

Hence, figure out how much you can spend and what kind of experience you want to offer your guests. If you can swing it, splurging on luxury toilets or restroom rentals might give your event that extra touch of class.

Reviews and Recommendations

It’s like picking a restaurant – you want to know it’s good before you sit down. The same goes for your portable toilet rental company. Jump online and read what people are saying about them.

Are they clean? Do they show up on time? Do they do their job well?

Also, ask your pals or other event planners you know if they have any suggestions. Going with a company that has a thumbs-up from others guarantees your guests will have a decent bathroom experience. After all, nobody likes a bad surprise when they’re in the loo!

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